Improving the Health of Indian River County Residents

home-photoThe “We Care” program, founded in 1991, provides free medical services valued to an average of 1,859 qualified Indian River County residents each year (average calculated over the past 6 years), not including radiological and surgical procedures, through the dedication of volunteer physicians, dentists, and other health care professionals.  With our unwavering commitment to improving the health of our local residents, forming community collaborations and advancing the “We Care” mission, we are the organization for providing health care services to medically indigent residents in our community.

Although $1 million+ vital services are provided by our dedicated Volunteer Physicians and other health care professionals each year, there remain medical needs beyond physician services for which funding has been non-existent.  The We Care Foundation of Indian River, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, was formed and in 2011, began raising funds to help meet these needs.  With your support through the We Care Foundation, more non-physician services can be provided and the “We Care” Mission will be advanced.

Your contributions help provide necessary services and supplies beyond physician care
such as transportation, short-term prescription assistance, cataract lenses and supplies for the We Care /Clinic. Funded by an Impact 100 grant, a We Care Clinic was constructed in the west wing of the Gifford Health Center in 2015. The Grand Opening of our We Care Clinic was celebrated on December 4, 2015. Located in a wing of the Gifford Health Center, the clinic is staffed with a full-time Primary Care physician with a mission to improve continuity of care.