The Program

In 1991, the We Care Foundation was established as a cooperative venture between the Indian River County Medical Society and the Indian River County Health Department.

Medical Exam

What We Do

The We Care Foundation provides free medical treatment to Indian River County residents who are otherwise financially unable to afford specialty health care. The program is designed to offer non-emergency care to low-income families, prevent medical conditions from becoming acute, and, if possible, avoid emergency care and hospitalization.

  • Close to 100 specialists and healthcare professionals partner with the We Care Foundation.
  • There is no compensation for the rendered services.
  • Dedicated healthcare professionals provide nearly $1 million in gift in-kind services annually.
  • Items such as CPAP machines, initial medications, medical supplies, and cataract lenses, to name a few, are paid for through the We Care program.
  • Partners in health include the IRC Hospital District, Florida Association of Free & Charitable Clinics, Treasure Coast Community Health, Whole Family Health, and Cleveland Clinic.

How Does the We Care Program Operate?

We Care patients first have a primary care evaluation and are then evaluated for subspecialty referral needs. Patients are helped with the application process and referral appointments at the We Car office.

The We Care Coordinator organizes all services. Volunteer physicians sign a contract to become an “Agent of the State of Florida,” which provides state “sovereign immunity” liability protection for We Care medical services wherever the location.

We Care clients do not become patients of the individual We Care physician. They do, however, remain clients of the health department. We Care staff make every effort to schedule testing and procedures requested by the physicians, including hospitalization when necessary. Once an individual becomes We Care eligible, they will be qualified for service for an entire year or until they secure insurance or no longer need services. Any services needed beyond the year’s deadline will require requalification.

What Services are Available?

The We Care Program is proud of the wide range of primary care physicians and specialists who volunteer their services. Specialty services may include Cardiology, Dermatology, Gastroenterology, Acupuncture, Neurology, ENT, Podiatry, and Ophthalmology.