How Does the We Care Program Operate?

How Does the We Care Program Operate

“We Care” patients first have a primary care evaluation and are then evaluated for subspecialty referral needs.  Medication assistance is obtained via the Indigent Drug Programs from pharmaceutical manufacturers, with the laborious paperwork done in the We Care office.

The We Care Coordinator organizes all services.  Volunteer physicians sign a contract to become an “agent of the State of Florida,” which provides state “sovereign immunity” liability protection for We Care medical services wherever the location.

We Care clients do not become patients of the individual We Care physician.  They do, however, remain clients of the health department.  We Care staff make every effort to schedule testing and procedures requested by the physicians including hospitalization when necessary.

The We Care program welcomes inquiries about its services.  For more information, contact a  Coordinator at (772) 794-7422.

All patients are scheduled by appointment through Indian River County Health Department.  When scheduling an appointment, call (772) 794-7420 and (772) 794-7425.