We Care Employee Spotlight: Sonia Dixon

Sonia Dixon’s actual title at the We Care Clinic is Program Specialist, but she likes to call herself a social worker. With two associate degrees, two bachelor’s degrees and a master’s degree in mental health

Sonia Dixon

counseling with a minor in social work from the University of North Florida, she began her career as an elementary education teacher. However, after receiving her master’s degree, the Jamaican native moved to Indian River County and began a 25-year career at the Department of Children and Families, retiring in 2015 after 19 years serving in the role of adult protective investigator.

What is your role at the We Care Clinic?

I assist patients who are in need of additional community services and resources. For example, I help patients connect with the Social Security Administration or if they are in need of Social Security Disability Insurance I will refer them to an attorney who can help them. Also, some We Care patients might need supplements for their housing, food or medication needs, so I help locate those resources. Sometimes our patients aren’t forthcoming with all their needs, so many times during the day I’ll drop into our waiting room and strike up conversations with patients who I think might be in need of assistance beyond their medical needs. I like to think of what I do as being a holistic approach for our patients.

How does your role benefit the We Care patients?

I feel that I open social communication and dialogue to the patients. By establishing a line of communication with a patient, a level of trust begins to build and that in turn helps me assess their needs. In the end the patients knows he or she can trust me, that I respect them and that I have a commitment to their overall well-being.

How would you assess the importance of We Care to the Indian River County community?

We Care brings hope and life to its patients. The Clinic is so very warm and welcoming to those in need, and it truly can only be described as a blessing. The dedication of everyone one involved is so strong and unconditional, and I know the patients recognize and appreciate it. Love, commitment and dedication is what We Care offers to the Indian River County residents in need…and that’s truly great!

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