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On behalf of Dr. Saver and the We Care Foundation of Indian River, thank you for your thoughtful and generous gift for Indian River County patients in need of specialty medical care!

In Honor of Dr. Dennis Saver’s retirement, the We Care Foundation has recieved donations totaling:


DR. DENNIS SAVER is retiring from Primary Care of the Treasure Coast on September 13, 2019, after 29 years of private practice in Vero Beach, and 10 years in rural West Virginia before that. However, Dr. Saver plans to continue to volunteer medical services to medically indigent patients at the We Care Clinic, and to remain President of the We Care Foundation of Indian River, which raises charitable funds to support the work done by the volunteer physicians.

Rather than “good bye” gifts, Dr. Saver has suggested that anyone wishing to honor his career in Vero Beach consider supporting the We Care program.

To make a donation or to send your well wishes for Dr. Saver’s retirement, please continue to scroll down this page for both donations and to leave your well wishes.



Well Wishes

Dr. Saver was truly the best...

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the years of quality heath care you gave to my Dad, Mr. Charles LaFleur.  My Dad had a phobia of doctors his whole life and very rarely went to a doctor when he lived back home in Massachusetts. I thank God that my Dad had a physician like you who was so emotionally sensitive to the concerns of my Dad;  never pressuring me to make a decision I knew he wouldn’t be comfortable with in regards to ordering tests, etc.

May God bless you in your retirement years especially giving your time as a volunteer to the community. I’m sure God will reward you for that.  You were a wonderful doctor and you should be very proud and honored that you made so many geriatric patient’s lives a little bit easier as they transitioned into their “golden” years!!!  I have included a donation.”

Much gratitude and thanks,
Mrs. Laurianne (LaFleur) Alston

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Dr. Saver was truly the best...

“Dr. Saver, Anita and I want to thank you for all the years you treated us and made us feel like family.  It’s good to know your skills and caring will continue and we will be happy to support WE Care.”

-F. Soldano

Dr. Saver was truly the best...

“Thank you from the very bottom of my heart for your expertise and solicitous care for my husband, Al, for 25 + years and your constant attention in the last four years of his life. You are such a beautiful, caring and intelligent man. My husband loved you and you two had such a great bond.  I am so happy for you to be retiring after so many years of non-stop diligence for your patients who were all family to you. Thank you for also being my doctor and so caring of my health!


God Bless You Dennis!!!! I am making a donation to WeCare. They are so fortunate to have you. You will be so missed!!!!”

-Carol Koontz

Dr. Saver was truly the best...

“Dr. Saver, You have been our saving grace numerous times these past 4 ½ years.  Your expertise, kindness and sincerity have enhanced our physical and mental lives.  It’s not enough to say Thank you.  You are truly one of a kind and will be greatly missed by all whose lives passed through your office door.  May God Bless You in your new adventures in retirement!”


Lynda and Scott Merrill

Dr. Saver was truly the best...

“Dr. Saver, Thank you for your outstanding and compassionate care. . . Thank you for being the president of the We Care Foundation of Indian River. I sure am a healthier person because of you. . . now you will continue to care for the indigent patients at the clinic. You make our world a kind and wonderful place to be. Thank you!!!”

– Nancy Klein

Dr. Saver was truly the best...

“Dr. Saver, You have been so awesome – we’re suffering from “separation anxiety” already … Wishing you and your wife a WONDERFUL retirement, relaxing and especially spending time with your new grandson!!”

-David and Linda Wheat

Dr. Saver was truly the best...

“Happy Retirement, Dr. Saver!”

-Charlie, Ava and Theresa Harrison

Dr. Saver was truly the best...

“Enjoy a well earned retirement.  You were my doctor for 27 years; what more can I say except ‘thank you’! ”

-Lois Anzini

Dr. Saver was truly the best...

“Enjoy the freedom, you’ve earned it!  You will be sorely missed by your patients and your PCTC family! ”

-Laura Hanke

Dr. Saver was truly the best...

“I am so grateful for the privilege of your friendship and for having been the recipient of your excellent medical care.  I hope to continue the former until I am no longer of this earth and will dearly miss being your patient!”

-Katharine Hammond

Dr. Saver was truly the best...

“We Are going to miss you, Dr. Saver! ”

-Robert Booth

Dr. Saver was truly the best...

“(Donation for We Care) With thanks to Dr. Saver.”

-Helen H. Nugent

Dr. Saver was truly the best...

“Thank you, Dennis, for your wonderful care over the years.  Karen and I are happy to help.”

– Gerald Parker

Dr. Saver was truly the best...

“Here is wishing Dr. Saver every happiness in his next chapter of life.  Brian and I appreciate the many years of attention and caring that he has given us.  Our community is richer because of his strong mind and good heart.”

-Rose Spytek

Dr. Saver was truly the best...

“Congratulations, Dr. Saver, on your retirement from your medical practice; it is well deserved.

I know your patients will miss you!  Nonetheless, the We Care Clinic, patients and Foundation will be happy to keep you busy and reap the benefits of extra time you are willing to give to this important program. ”   

– Shelley Stuven

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