New Ophthalmology Equipment Coming to We Care Clinic

Thanks to a grant from The Dorothea L. Leonhardt Fountation, Inc., the We Care Foundation of Indian River will be purchasing new ophthalmology equipment for the We Care Clinic at Gifford Health Center.

According to Miranda Hawker, MPH, member of the We Care Foundation Board of Directors, “The existing equipment, purchased in 2003, is still functional, but with the speed that technology improves, it needs to be updated to better serve We Care patients.”

Dr. Ken Tuck, an ophthalmologist and a new We Care Volunteer Physician, is spearheading the project along with Dr. William J. Mallon to determine immediate equipment needs. They are currently in the process of evaluating the existing ophthalmology equipment and speaking with suppliers for pricing. The grant provided a minimum of $5,000 toward new equipment, but a set budget has not been determined. The budget will be based on the findings and recommendations from Drs. Tuck and Mallon.

Dr. Herman Fountain, We Care Clinic Physician and Medical Executive Director said, “We Care has a big need for ophthalmology services, and the new equipment will certainly allow our volunteer ophthalmologists to provide the best possible care for We Care patients in the near future. It’s exciting to see the program grow to meet the needs of our community.”

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