Mardi Gras Donors

Charitable contributions to the We Care Foundation of Indian River are used to supply We Care patients with prescription medications, medical equipment, post-surgical medical supplies, transportation for medical appointments and other needs.  The We Care Foundation also provides financial support to the We Care Clinic. 


Dedicated Volunteer Physicians provided more than $1 Million in vital services for We Care patients annually. However, there remain medical needs beyond physician services which are not currently funded.  This is where the We Care Foundation of Indian River can make a significant difference – but we need YOUR help!  Donations are tax deductible.

Thank You to Our 2019 Mardi Gras Donors

Rue Magazine Street

  • Ms. Deborah A. Hawkins
  • Dr. Dennis F. Saver & Mrs. Jeannie Saver
  • Ms. Marjorie Turley

Rue Frenchman Street

  • Drs. Rick and Nancy Baker
  • Dr. and Mrs. Jimmy Lockhart
  • Dr. Michaela Scott

Rue Esplanade Street

  • Drs. Robert and Casey Baggott
  • Dr. & Mrs. A Willard Emch
  • Dr. Erin Forest & Mr. Ben Folger
  • Ms. Cathy Gilet
  • Drs. James and Katherine Grichnik
  • Dr. Caroline Kedem
  • Dr. & Mrs. Charles Mackett, III
  • Mr. & Mrs. Lyle and Sandra Ostrom
  • Dr. James and Helen Shafer
  • Dr. Daniela Shapiro
  • Dr. Michael and Myra Weiss
  • Ms. Georgia Welles
  • Dr. Laurie Welton