Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved and help the “We Care” patients who utilize our services.  You can do something simple like hold your own fundraiser, make a donation or become a volunteer.  For more information about ways to support the IRCMS Foundation and “We Care,” call 772.562.0123.

Physician Volunteers

Nancy Baker, MD, Family Practice and We Care Physician Volunteer

Nancy Baker, MD, Family Practice and We Care Physician Volunteer

Join your 120-plus colleagues in Indian River County who are donating time each calendar year to help the medically indigent through the Indian River County Medical Society’s “We Care” program.  Specialty and primary care physicians, podiatrists, dentists and other Health Care professionals currently provide volunteer care on a rotating basis when their name is on the “care” list.   The number of qualified We Care patients is growing and your participation is essential to the program’s ability to provide quality care in a timely manner.

Participating in “We Care” involves signing a short contract, making you an “agent of the State of Florida”, which provides additional professional liability protection as the volunteer work is covered by the Sovereign Immunity program of the State of Florida.  This applies wherever you choose to provide the volunteer service (your office, Health Department or We Care Clinic).

Contact the We Care Program at (772) 794-7422 to begin.  “We Care” is a great gift back to the community at large which supports our professional life and a special present to someone who really needs the service.


The IRCMS Foundation for “We Care” is always looking for volunteers to join one of our event committees or just help out the day of an event.  For more information, click here. 

Hold Your Own Fundraiser

Creating a fundraising event is a rewarding and fun process.  You or your company could hold an office Wish List drive or simply put out a “We Care” bank on your counter to collect change.  Other ideas include a yard sale, bake sale, car wash, giving dinner and more!  We are committed to supporting you with your event if we are able to do so.  To get started, complete the Fundraising Event Application and email it to  Once the executive director approves your application you may use the IRCMS Foundation and “We Care” names and logos in press releases and event collateral materials.  For more information, call Shelley Stuven at (772) 562-0123 or email her at